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Can I Qualify With Bad Credit?

Our lenders are not concerned with your credit rating. If you are in financial need, and you have clear title to a motor vehicle, our lenders can work with you to structure an auto equity loan and a repayment plan that works well for you and for our lenders.

What Do I Need For A Title Loan?

You’ll need Internet access and a savings or checking account into which your cash can be deposited. You’ll need free and clear title to an automobile, recreational vehicle, boat or motorcycle. You’ll be asked to provide proof of income and a valid state ID.

How Can I Apply?

We’ll need your name, phone number and zip code. You’ll be asked to describe your vehicle in terms of model, make, year and mileage. When you visit our office to receive your cash, you’ll be asked to show your state ID and to provide proof of income. A credit report may be required but the score will not affect your qualifications.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Cash?

The application process takes under five minutes, and with our speedy title loans Orlando approval service, you’ll have the cash you need within hours. No waiting in line at banks and then waiting weeks for a decision. We understand that sometimes life throws unexpected situations that require fast cash.

See How Much You Can Get for an Online Title Loan in Orlando, FL

1. Apply Online

Apply by entering your information in our online form. It’s that easy!

2. Contact

Our Orlando title loan specialists are on hand for any questions you may have.

3. Receive Your Cash!

Most of our loans are accepted within a few hours. Some receive cash in as little as 24 hours!

Why are our title loans so popular with borrowers?

As long as your account remains in good standing, you can continue to use the motor vehicle you are using to secure your title loan.

  • All you need is a state ID and proof of income
  • No penalties for prepayment
  • No fees or hidden costs
  • Easy online loan application process
  • Fast approval
  • Receive your cash as quickly as within one business day
  • Continue to use your vehicle while your loan is being paid off

How Do Motor Vehicle Title Loans Work?

Flexible Title Vehicle Loan Terms

One of the great things about Starfish Lending is that our lenders can help you to structure your loan in a way that works best for you. Title loans are customarily short term loans that are due in 30 days. But again, some of our lenders are flexible about the repayment period, and they can work with you to set terms that are manageable for you.

What Happens If I Default On My Title Loan?

Starfish Lending is required by Florida law to inform you that if you should default on your loan, it can legally take possession of your vehicle and sell it to cover the outstanding amount of your loan. If that should happen, you will be liable for any costs or fees incurred as a result of the possession.

It's Time To Collect Your Cash

Your vehicle will receive a final valuation, the terms of your title loan will be finalized, and you will receive your money.

You'll be asked to review and sign a contract that sets forth all the details related to your cash advance. We are required by law to clarify all the terms and conditions set forth in your contract. This information must include your loan interest rate, your total loan repayment amount and the loan due date. Our lenders are not allowed to charge additional interest if you prepay the loan or to issue additional fees that were not set forth in the original contract.

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